Other Services

Fret Work - (Click on picture)

  • Level & Recrown .
  • Re frets

Nut Work

  • New Nut: Remove the old nut and make and install new nut.
  • Adjust existing nut: Set string height in the nut for comfortable action.
  • Worn nut slots: Fill worn nut slots & re cut to suitable height.

Saddle Work

  • New Saddle: Remove old saddle,make and install a new saddle.
  • Adjust  existing saddle: Set appropriate height, re shape & check.

Pickup Installation

  • Check pickups are working correctly,install and set correct height.

Electronics Work

  • Repair or service existing electronics.
Install  jack, pot, wiring, switches, pre-amps, complete rewire, shielding.

Tuner Installation

Tuner Installation

  • Install new tuners.
If necessary, re shape tunning peg holes to fit tuners.

 Pro Deluxe Tremolo Setup

  • Keeping a  tremolo in tune can be hard work but with the right service & setup, the functionality and tuning can be greatly improved.
The deluxe tremolo setup involves overhauling and servicing  the bridge and tremolo system to enable optimum performance.